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About Mooji Sangha Vibe

Welcome to Mooji Sangha Vibe — a bright, bold, colourful explosion of creativity and joy expressed from the Mooji Sangha family.

This blog is a home for the outpouring of creativity that is born from each one’s internal silent experience of That which Moojibaba points us to. It is an offering of love for our spiritual master, for each other and for Truth.

Here, we hope you discover things that make you smile or laugh, that lift your spirit, that touch your heart, that silence your mind and help you sink into the vast depths of your being. We hope you discover beauty, inspiration, fellowship. And, we delight that you have a chance to meet us through our offerings and expressions, and in meeting us, our great hope is that you meet your very own Self.

We are always open to suggestions, feedback, and anything else you might wish to share, so please drop us a line anytime at [email protected]. If you are a member of Mooji’s Sangha, you may also submit your work to the blog here.

Much love!

Mooji Sangha Vibe Team

About Mooji

Moojibaba is a world renowned spiritual master, who guides his disciples to the non-dual understanding of their true nature, pointing a direct path to freedom beyond the personal ego-mind.

About Mooji Sangha

Sangha refers to a community of people who have devoted themselves to Self-realisation and who serve one another as they journey home together. Mooji Sangha is such a group, growing together through the most beautiful, powerful, auspicious and alive guidance of Moojibaba, who points a direct path to freedom.

Blog Contributors


Abinaya is a member of the South Crete sangha; she lives in Crete and loves to paint.


My name is Akashi.
It's the name Mooji gave me in 2013.
I was born in Italy.
I am part of the sangha of Monte Sahaja and of Casa Nirvana.
I first met Mooji in a 2010 photo. I didn't know who he was, I just knew I felt love, a love that goes beyond definition.
These poems are a love song for God,
A love song for the one I can't define, but who is all in my heart and in human form that is called Mooji


Dedicated to the Transformative Power of Creativity. I’m an explorer at heart, my vehicle for this exploration is visual art. By expressing shadow and light through art, I heal myself and hopefully help others as well.

You can see all his work on his website here


The heart always longs for true expression and this I enjoyed and sought from an early age. I am trained in the architectural discipline and always dabbled in art on the side. I used to do "work" as an architect/ lecturer full time and "do" art part time. I am now listening more to the heart of expression - and that is to make art effortlessly.

See more of Ami's work here.


Born in Belarus, live between Italy and Portugal. I met Mooji in 2013 at my first silent retreat in St. Petersburg. Those five days turned everything upside down, some incredible thirst for the truth exploded inside as I met my master. Grace was with me, over the years I have been to Sahaja many times. Love to be in that magic area of silent vibes

Since childhood i have been writing poetry and drawing, but only when i feel the call, that sweetest inspiration.


Daniel is a cognitive scientist from Duisburg, Germany, who has been fascinated with the riddles of consciousness, matter, and mind for most of his life. He also likes programming, composing music, and spending time in nature with family or friends.

Déva Priya

These images are a natural overflow of this sweet Nectar of Grace, our beloved Guruji reveals within each heart.

They are inspired into creation by His benevolent Will, and also are an offering to His Divine blessed Will. This form is a mere instrument. And each image appears as a joy and surprise to my eyes; non-predetermined and fresh as this Vastness. Thoughtless & fancy-free!
All Glory to Guruji.
Jai GuruDev


I have been in the heart of Guruji for some time. I make heARTwork in eternal gratitude for Guruji’s pointings. My process is ever changing, always a discovery.


Gopal serves in Monte Sahaja as part of the Kitchen team. He regularly cooks Indian dishes for all of us - his Dhal is famous in Sahaja and for many years the recipe remained a secret…now it is such a joy to share it with all of you.

Gopal's humor and his sweet and light heart are very much appreciated from all the Sangha. Often, he makes us laugh and reminds us of not taking life too seriously :)


Gotama plays piano music from his heart. It has always has been one of his most intimate ways of communicating and expressing beauty, peace and love. Gotama lives in Portugal with his spiritual teacher Mooji who points him to the silence from which all music arises. Find more of Gotama's music here and in the Sangha Shop.


Gurudas is part of the Media & Communications team at Monte Sahaja. Originally from New York City / New Haven where he was involved in the tech startup world, he met Moojibaba in 2015 and immediately felt the longing and call to the Truth. Since coming to Monte Sahaja, he has experienced a flourishing of creative energy through Guruji's grace, including storytelling, writing, rapping, and other musical adventures. It is his great joy to be in service to Guruji, the Sangha, and the Truth, and to vanish into this great silence.


Filmmaker and visual artist currently residing in Lithuania and often coming to Portugal.

I love being in the midst of creativity taking its shape. It is always fresh, unique and different yet it is surprising how it always comes from and ends in the same unchanging one. This is the most true source of creativity for me. I am deeply inspired by the stillness and beauty of nature, fresh air, water and vast sky.


I have been a devotee of Sri Moojibaba for 9 years. I live a very quiet and rewarding life in the joy of his care and guidance.

My poetry comes from the heart and often helps me through an image or a line to see something clearly. Once it materialises it seems indelibly etched inside me.


I am a practising visual artist . Have been painting for three decades. And everything else melts and disappears as I write this- into nothingness.

My work came into abstraction 20 years ago when I gradually dropped the recognisable form and my being began looking for freedom from the physical binding surface tension of the body in my visual representations.

The spirit became palpable and mark making set itself free on the surface of the paper and canvas . While I was painting this image of Guruji I could feel his portrait peering through the marks enthused with his Universal Energy. Thank you beloved Guruji for being our Master.Om Shanti

See more of Kavita's work here.


Kim is from the Ilshofen (Schwäbisch Hall) and Blackforest Sangha. His website can be found here.


I am a devotee of Mooji Baba. My art is inspired by my search for freedom. I would like to lose all identities in this search. It is only through grace that this art is being expressed through me.

Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasad plays guitar and sings his original songs of devotion. “What a joy to express the gifts and sing the praises of our Beloved Master. Mooji has written all my songs, He is the song singing in my heart”
Prasad has released a recording titled “Beloved One” where he is joined by the Mooji Sangha and Guruji


I am deeply touched by Beauty in all its expressions. Poetry, music and singing simply move me beyond everything into the Heart. They are doors through which Love flows and pervades my entire Being. Moojibaba says prayer is food for the Soul. Art would be its language. What prayer is to breathing in, art is to breathing out. This one explored writing, theater, photography, singing, … the more empty, the more inspired! Thank You Guruji for the artist You are :)


Mahesh is a member of the Bangalore sangha, who was blessed to live and work in Monte Sahaja as part of the Kitchen Team. While there, he presented Mooji with art and poetry inspired by Satsang. Back in Ireland, these blossoms continue to bloom. See his poems here.


Mahima’s heart and life lives to be and shine the freedom that it is. Whether that’s overseeing content for the Mooji.tv team, cooking delicious home style meals, dancing, spending time in prayer and at the temple, or just meeting the day fresh with God's light and her Master’s love in her heart.


Hi my names is Marc. I am a musician and I play different instruments from around the world like Sitar, Rubab, Saz, Lavta, Oud… I like to play music from different traditions and also to create my own compositions. I also love to draw and paint sometimes.

As an artist I do whatever I feel to do I go with what moves me in the moment and then elaborated from there. Art for me is the representation of the beauty that is everywhere.

See more of Marc's art here.


Lover of God with total devotion and surrender to Guruji, to Self. Blessed to have come to recognise the Real in this life through Guruji's guidance and unsparing light. Each moment lived in dedication and honour of this and the writings come as an expression of gratitude, sprouting from his everlasting Presence within my heart.

Monte Sahaja

From time to time we'll share images and creativity flowing from the overall team at Monte Sahaja. We hope you enjoy!


Mukti is a member of the AV Team at Monte Sahaja. When she’s not behind the camera during retreats or editing talks for Sahaja Express, she likes to spend time reflecting on satsang through small paintings and animations. She also loves photographing Sahajans in their finest as the managing editor of the Bling of Bliss Instagram Account.


I draw when it comes naturally. Sometimes I want to express the beauty of Satsang and this love through drawings. Inspired by saints, people nearby, brothers and sisters in Sahaja. See more of her work here.


"Leave everything aside. Remain as what remains" - the master key to my true, infinite Being, given by Moojibaba a few years back when I just arrived to India with a one-way ticket and a great longing inside my heart. It was fulfilled then and there. The sweetest love and devotion that poured out for the Master and for all the Gods, Goddesses and Sages seem to imbibe this expression. Living at Monte Sahaja, where creativity flows naturally for God's sake, remains always an inspiration.


Nirmayi was born in Germany but lived most of her life in the US, where she practiced Chinese medicine. Since age five she's been passionate about cooking, and has studied preparing meals in India, Thailand, Japan as well as Italy and Germany. She made daily lunch for over 1200 seekers in the Osho community for six years and now is blessed to be cooking for Guruj.

Painting here in Monte Sahaja came as a surprise, and continues to be a gift. She always has loved ganesh for unknown reasons.

She feels very fortunate to be living in Monte Sahaja.


Nirvana loves being in service to Moojibaba and the sangha with satsang translations as part of the Language Support team. She enjoys being in nature, just sitting, singing and dancing.

I love playing with colours and in particular the way watercolours may run to create an effect that cannot be completely predicted. Painting is felt as a deeply absorbing, meditative and joyful creative process.


Whichever creative expressions are revealed from Nitya's heart are truly a surprise for herself, that she doesn't feel to take credit for, but rather enjoys as they spontaneously appear. Nitya has lived in Monte Sahaja since 2015. For many years she was a photographer, but recently she started to oversee the design team.

See more of Nitya's beautiful art here.


I met Moojibaba in Tiruvanamalai in March 2009. As he entered the Satsang hall my mind dropped into deep silence and I knew that he is the one who will end my search for freedom and show me Home and that this fortune is a one time opportunity. Nothing was the same since.

Endless gratitude to my beloved Master for patiently and consistently pointing us to the silence we are. Thank you Guruji for being with us as the embodiment of the unchanging Truth you are pointing us to. There is nothing more inspiring than that.


Mooji's devotee for some years, member of Sahaja photo team and musician that is happy to share uplifting vibes through singing and playing acoustic guitar.


I love music, sounds, nature, and am grateful for this creative outlet. I love the flow of whatever comes in the moment when the urge to create is felt. This can be soft (piano, or ambient sounds) or something more rhythmical.


Prama has been blessed enough to meet and be in Satsang with Moojibaba for 6 years ago now, and to live in Monte Sahaja, Portugal near him and the Sangha for 3 beautiful and life-changing years. She always loved writing but only after a Satsang, she felt her heart bursting out with so much joy and recognition of Truth and Grace that felt to express it in writing. It was then when she wrote her first poem, wanting that every word imbibes the truth and the power of the Satsang she felt inside her heart. Writing poems began to be a way to introspect and find the way back to whom she is, using Moojibaba's golden pointings. The poems flow so naturally, that it's difficult to call them "her" poems.


Pritam serves in Monte Sahaja as part of the Kitchen Storage team. He can often be seen transporting enormously heavy objects around the land. Musically, he has been playing acoustic drums for many years, and more recently he began experimenting with making electronic beats using samples he found online. Often, he finds that inspiration comes when he hears an audio recording of Moojibaba's voice that feels like it would be powerful to add music to.


Risha's favorite activities include translating Satsangs or Sahaja Express videos, organising written translations in an enormous spreadsheet, translating an ancient Gita, preparing schedules, doing nothing, writing short stories, sitting or singing Bhajans and songs inspired by the pointings of the great Sages. Actually, she doesn’t know how to write songs, but some songs come knocking at her vocal cords and manifest themselves. So, she just sings those songs. Here is her personal website.


Rishi deeply appreciates poetry, music, and creative expression, but for many years, it felt incomplete. These days, thanks to Satsang and through singing Kirtan he is discovering what it feels like to truly express the silence and love that is being revealed in his heart. His words help bring him into communion with the Self, to celebrate the joy of Sangha, and honour his love and gratitude for God, for Guruji, and it is his humble hope that these words may be an inspiration for others. See more at Hearts Calling on Instagram


Rose has been painting for many years in Monte Sahaja, often alongside Moojibaba. She is the artist behind many of Sahaja’s signature signs, like the Sri Mooji Mandir, Mooji Mala and Christ Chapel signs, though her beautiful brushstrokes also created many of the countless signs that guide visitors around the land. Each of her works is a pure expression of the joy and lightness she is. You can see her latest signs here.


Rudolf is a member of the Vienna sangha in Austria. In addition to writing stories, he composes and plays music. All is inspired by Mooji's pointings.

Sadhu Om

Sadhu Om is a sound engineer at Monte Sahaja. He ensures that every Satsang or musical offering has the best sound possible in the room, on the broadcast, and in the recording. He can often be seen installing new sound equipment on the land to ensure that each space can be in service to Satsang. More recently, he has become involved in producing, recording, mixing and mastering albums for Mooji Mala Music.

Sair Gryphon

I live in Melbourne Australia watching an ordinary (yet extraordinary) life unfold, through the various seasons. Often I write poetry, and sometimes lyrics or fanfiction or articles, because writing fills my heart.

Mooji is my master and my Self. I'm SO grateful to have met him and all of you. I never knew what Love is until I witnessed it alive in and through Mooji's expression. What a fool I've been, and how glorious it is to watch that fool dissolve! Laughter shakes me open.


Sangita is a singer-songwriter from the West of Ireland. Her music is a celebration of life itself, inspired by the path of peace and self-discovery that she walks with her teacher, Moojibaba. Offering a fresh take on spiritual music, some songs are lighthearted and uplifting with an almost gospel-like quality. Others are softer and more subdued, arising from a place of stillness and silent contemplation.


Eternally grateful for Satsang.


I mostly make oil paintings on canvas or Mandala’s on paper with markers. I would say what makes my work unique is the bright rich colour palette that I use.

See more of Sharon's work here.


Shivali is a member of the landcare team in Monte Sahaja. She grew up in Austria and taught herself guitar at the age of 20. She didn't begin writing songs until she came to Satsang, after which she discovered that they flowed naturally through Guruji's grace. Her first album can be found here.


Siddhartha is part of the Mooji TV team in Monte Sahaja and helps to support Sahaja Express and online retreats. He also plays and makes music, sometimes playing the flute, singing with Mukti in Satsang, or producing music late into the night. He hopes that these offerings can bring you joy and encourage a deepening awakening in the hearts of all. You can find more of his music here.


Hello! My name is Sita. I am from Russia. I am writing songs since I was 8. And when I met Guruji my songs changed. Some wisdom of Satsang started to express itself in songs. It can be wisdom from my own experience or some things which inspire my soul to sing this words. So, enjoy =)
In more poetic way:
in the silence of the mind
i hear the song
which i can_not not_sing
this song is about You (not me)


Sky is on the AV team at Monte Sahaja, and manages the vast and wonderful audio-video archive. In her spare time, she can often be found marveling in the natural beauty of the cosmos. All praises to Moojibaba, for setting our creativity free into the realm of pure joy and freedom!

Stella Blasco

Stella Blasco is a member of the Valencia, Spain Sangha. She is a multidisciplinary artist, focused on photo and video, always interested in finding beauty in the simple and "non-perfect" things.


Surina is a Brazilian writer and freelance illustrator based in Portugal. You can see her website here.

"What is your koan?", ask the teachers to the monks in the Zen. What is that one question that brings you to the edge of yourself regardless of what the answer is?

Before writing or drawing I sit and let the mind consciously rest, as pointed to me by my teacher, Mooji. Whatever comes next is observed. Sometimes it is painful, I feel I am not good enough, sometimes I feel the best. In the end it is the same voice; it doesn't matter. What matters is I Am there. Artmaking then is my practice.


All of my music comes from my Heart, as the most natural way of expressing gratitude and endless love for Moojiji and Sangha.

Tim Caskin

An outpouring of creative expression has coincided with deepening in satsang, and has surfaced in unexpected ways! Thank you Moojibaba. Thank you Sangha. Much love.


Treya McCarthy is a writer living in Northern California with her husband, and her daughter.

Treya McCarthy is committed to writing from Presence. As such, meditation and stillness is a prerequisite entry point for all of her writing.

Vera Atlantia

Vera Atlantia is a visionary artist based in Austria where she has been teaching painting at the 'Vienna Academy of Visionary Art’ and sharing art & meditation workshops around the world.

Her colorful paintings are luminous reflections of heavenly beings and spiritual realms. They intend to bring upliftment and a remembrance of the Divine to the beholder. Her website is here.

Vikash Knox

I am a craftsman, kirtan singer, gardener and lover of the non-dual truth as expounded by Moojibaba. I live a rural lifestyle on the southwest coast of British Columbia with my dear wife and community. I am a grateful person as I have many blessings in life, the most important of which is having a true spiritual master and an urge for awakening in this lifetime.

See more about Vikash's work here.


Viktorija is part of the São Martinho das Amoreiras village Sangha; "All the sangha music that is created as a praise to God is so powerfully uplifting the Heart.".


Artist in Here and Now. You can visit her Youtube page here

Arunachala Ramana
October 26, 2021

Arunachala Ramana love
Moojibaba Sahaja love :)

by Kim
One Sangha Gathering
October 18, 2021

This picture came during One Sangha Gathering and I wanted to draw how it was, all these beautiful faces, vibes and Sahaja at my home.

by Nadi
What Did You Forget?
October 15, 2021

A poem that I wrote, along with some digital art work, summarizing some of the insights that I gained through the guidance of teachers like Mooji, Eckhart Tolle and Alan Watts.

by Daniel
Life Takes Care of Life
October 8, 2021

Sketch of Moojibaba with pencils.

by Stella Blasco
October 1, 2021

A little animation loop set to music by Siddhartha, captures the feeling I get of receiving Guruji’s words and being set free by them!

by Mukti
We are Living in the Perfect Reflection of the Real
September 28, 2021

These are some poems arising from my own satsang and discovery following Moojibaba's precious pointings and teachings.

by Prama
Journey Within
September 22, 2021

“Many Masks you have worn and worn out. No face is your true face”. The pathless path of dropping everything I am not. Thank you Guruji Mooji Baba for everything.

by Krishna
The Balloon
September 21, 2021

I write poems that come into my heart from the emptiness.

by Kathryn
Angirasa ~ Radiant One
September 16, 2021

Watercolours experiments. Lord Buddha peace and serenity expressed through diversity of colours. We can enjoy these world gifts, but much better to enjoy them when you are Awake:)

by Nitya
The Bliss Permeated Mother
September 14, 2021

Anandamayi Ma ki jai! Moojibaba ki Jai! Salutations to all saints and sages!

by Nirvana
September 10, 2021

A song from Krishna Prasad with lyrics by Prama. Gotama and Omkara join in on the recording.

by Krishna Prasad
Beats of the Beloved
September 9, 2021

Powerful Satsang with inspired beats in the background

by Pritam
A Soul’s Journey
September 7, 2021

At the feet of my beloved Guruji with immense gratitude.
If I were to live for one day only,
even for a breath of time,
let that moment be lived in Truth.

by Akashi
Lord Ganesha
September 3, 2021

OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Salutations to You, Lord Ganesha!

by Narayani
Sangha Gita
September 1, 2021

So much gratitude for the love of the Sangha, for Mooji Baba’s Presence and pointings. This poem came and was recorded spontaneously in December 2018. Big thanks to Nirvan for the videography and beautiful music that bring it to life. Much Love!

by Rishi
You Know
August 31, 2021

A painting of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in a landscape, his hands are on the earth with his head in the sky.

by Ami
My Beloved Guruji!
August 27, 2021

Inspired by Guruji’s full love and freedom, a spontaneous offering to his Presence.. painting during the Zoom session at OSG 2021 ! Timeless love and gratitude Most beloved one !

by Kavita
August 20, 2021

Hallelujah is a song of praise and joy

My Lord took away
All the heavy burden
My Lord showed the way
To deconstruct this person
Pushed to look beyond my mind
Seek what lays within
Oh the Glory that I've found!

Oh the glory that I've found

by Tara
August 17, 2021

I draw different pictures, it’s like an expression of insights after Satsang, There is also a series of works about one of my favorite saints, Jesus Christ.

by Nadi
Callings of the Heart
August 13, 2021

The gratitude and reverence for the Master overflowing and expressed through writings and poetry.

by Melinda
The Real Unknown
August 12, 2021

'The Real Unknown' is a cool, fun rap rewrite of 'The Next Episode' by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Inspired by Moojibaba’s enjoyment of the original song, 'The Real Unknown' riffs playfully on daily life in Monte Sahaja, while also reflecting the power and potency of self-inquiry to reveal the truth of who we are.

Written and performed by Gurudas, recorded and mixed by Sadhu Om, and filmed and edited by Simran and Sanoja, and featuring many from Monte Sahaja.

by Gurudas
Ma Devaki
August 10, 2021

Drawing of Ma Devaki Salutations to all the Saints and Sages that illumine our paths, hearts and minds to find and be what they are – the Timeless Being.

by Narayani
Ma Anandamayi
August 3, 2021

Thank you Moojiji for being the proof
that all religion is One
that all is One
And that One is Zero

by Kim
A Boat Across the Sea of Samsara
July 30, 2021

This song came very spontaneously. While I was writing the beat Janu popped in to the office and I asked him to record his voice. The next day when I was mixing the beat and voice, Bramdev came to practice violin in the studio. I asked him if he liked this song that I was […]

by Sadhu Om
O: Portrait of Moojibaba
July 27, 2021

A portrait in charcoal of Guruji with closed eyes where you can feel the peace, stillness and love He is.

by Marc
Guru Purnima 2021
July 25, 2021

A gallery of the incredible artwork appearing around Monte Sahaja in honor of our Guruji, Moojibaba

by Monte Sahaja
Yogi Ramsuratkumar
July 23, 2021

Watercolor painting, part of a collection called “Illustrations from Sahaja Joy” Yogi RamuratkumarYogi RamuratkumarYogi RamuratkumarJaya Guru Raya!

by Sky
The King and the Dragon
July 20, 2021

Inspired by Mooji’s pointings I wrote this story for my children. By the grace of our beloved father in Rishikesh 2017 I was allowed to tell this story for the 1st time. Together with my daughter Raphaela who painted the pictures we published the story. In Zmar 2019 it was possible to give it to […]

by Rudolf
The Great Sage of Arunachala
July 16, 2021

I have always loved Ramana Maharshi’s expression of deep kindness and innocence, and painting his portrait brought deep joy. Watercolours on paper.

by Nirvana
One and Only (Hallelujah!)
July 14, 2021

This song is a devotional mash-up of genres around the world, including a beautiful choir from the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. For your enjoyment and upliftment, with love.

by Siddhartha
Hearts Surrender
July 13, 2021

~ Oil painting on canvas ~
A painting that arose in me as a symbol of surrendering the life I don’t have to Truth

by Sharon
I’m Just Free
July 9, 2021

I’m not black, I’m not white, I’m not brown, I’m not pink, I’m not yellow or green,I’m just free, not yellow or red, I’m just me. I’m not one, I’m not two, I’m not three.I’m just free, I’m just me, I’m just happy to be, I’m just me. I see the clouds passing by, my […]

by Mahima
Heaven on Earth
July 6, 2021

For all that I have received from mooji.org,
I offer this simple poem,
That I may be part of the world-wide sangha,
Awakening to Truth–
As revealed by Sri Moojibaba–
And collectively singing
Our Songs of Satsang.
Blessed be.
And so it is.

by Treya
Piano Dreams
June 30, 2021

Piano Dreams is a collection of seven soothing piano improvisations that have been recorded in a quiet and peaceful night full of stars in Monte Sahaja.

by Gotama
Inspiration received from Moojibaba
June 29, 2021

I would like to share some of the work that has been arising from the inspiring insights I’ve received from Moojibaba’s pointings. I roll beads made of nothing but rose petals and have been doing this for over 20 years. The beads are not well known, yet have a rich history: they were first made […]

by Vikash Knox
Duppy in the House
June 27, 2021

Duppy is a ghost
Like ego, he has no real being
You don't want him around

by Sangita
Meeting in Fire
June 25, 2021

These artworks were done in the Himalayas several years ago. With big fire inside, I painted a series of pictures there, some of them just quickly and spontaneously showed up on canvas. Amazing feeling of deep inspiration and silence that I am so happy to share

by Bhavani
Ohm Namah Sivaya
June 22, 2021

It was the first piece of art I attempted as an adult following a beautiful Rishikesh satsang season. As I started drawing and painting the Ohm Nama Sivaya mantra started coming from inside.

by Satyam
The Silent Buddha
June 18, 2021

An original acrylic painting painted on canvas. Inspired by the story of the Golden Buddha and the boundless light and peace of Him this painting was painted at the end of November, 2020 in Lithuania.

by Jonas
June 15, 2021

A song in Russian inspired by contemplating the true self.

by Sita
Moojibaba Portrait
June 11, 2021

Digital painting of our beautiful, timeless Master, Moojibaba

by Alex
June 8, 2021

"George" is a story about all of us, a playful representation of the journey of transcendence. When I met Moojibaba he used to tell us this story in Satsang and that's what inspired this song to come to life.

by Nurit
Empty and Free
June 4, 2021

Out of Silence these words flow
I dedicate them all to You
Beloved Guruji
Beloved Sangha
Through You
For You
Only You

by Laurence
Zero Baby
June 2, 2021

Zero Baby! is a funky, fun, 80’s style pop song with surprising depth that is inspired by Mooji's pointings to the place of “zero”. It arose over the holiday season, in a time when the Monte Sahaja sangha were expressing their playful and creative sides.

by Shivali
In you, as you – I Am.
June 1, 2021

I discovered Mooji 3 years ago. I scrolled through videos on YouTube, and one video kept following me in recommended. Kind eyes were staring at me from the cover. I watched him since then, as his words were reflecting deep in my heart.

by Zuhra
One Sangha
May 28, 2021

A short instrumental piano based piece that came after the One Sangha Gathering. So much love and gratitude to Moojibaba and all Sangha. Jaya Gurudeva.

by Paul
Sahaja Love
May 25, 2021

This song was spontaneously created with beloved friends, in the full spirit of love, during a stay in Monte Sahaja. Inspired by the gratitude and appreciation to the Lord Supreme and His creation.

Featured in the song are:
Omraj – Guitar & Vocals
Deva Priya – Vocals
Santosh – Cajon

by Viktorija
Sketch of Guruji’s Hands
May 21, 2021

With the Grace of Guruji this came inspired by the Mala of God. Painting is always like deep meditation for me. Being zero and only love.

by Abinaya
Sahaja Basics: How to Cook Chapati & Dhal
May 12, 2021

Some time ago, Moojibaba spoke playfully yet earnestly about how wonderful it would be for everyone in Sahaja to know some “Sahaja basics”—and the starting point was to learn how to cook Chapati and Dahl! Gopal, a wonderful Indian Chef, and Rajan, the manager of the much-loved local cafe and restaurant, Casa Nirvana, swiftly set […]

by Gopal
Atlas & Nataraja
April 30, 2021

Every time Mooji told the story of seeing an image of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders, and then later seeing an image of Shiva Nataraja dancing on top of the world, these two images joined together in my mind. So, I created this digital image and presented it to Moojibaba while I was […]

by Mahesh
Portraits in Dust
April 23, 2021

Tumbled stained glass with images of Guruji and Papaji screen printed on, using Sahaja dust in art gel medium. Covered with UV resin.

by Fritz
Only Light
April 16, 2021

This song is a simple and joyful expression about meeting our beloved Moojibaba in the heart, and a prayer for all beings.

by Tim Caskin
April 8, 2021

On discovering I've been pretending to be an arrogant ass … such sillyness! The joy of realising that 'me' is not me, after all.

by Sair Gryphon
The Polar Star at Sahaja
April 3, 2021

There’s a star in the night sky that doesn’t move: The Polar Star. As the Earth rotates, it gives the impression that all the other stars are moving around this one star. Like this we are guided by Guruji to notice that stillness within, from where everything else arises, dances for a brief moment and […]

by Omraj
Heart of Awareness
April 1, 2021

This painting portrays the great Advaita masters Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Poonja (lovingly called Papaji) and Sri Moojibaba. Much gratitude to these great masters who radiate such profound wisdom, unconditional love and who tirelessly work in service to support all seeking souls on the path of awakening.

by Vera Atlantia
Portrait of Guruji
March 29, 2021

This portrait was created while drawing in the Zoom Portrait Session during One Sangha Gathering 🙂

by Nadi
An Endless Unseen Adorning
March 26, 2021

Your presence makes this heart grow flowers
And these flowers grow solely for your feet.

An endless unseen adorning.
A joyous cycle the Lord doth keep.

by Déva Priya
God-child of Tiruvannamalai (#1)
March 23, 2021

Arunachala Yogi Ramsuratkumar ki Jai!Moojiji ki Jai!

by Kim
Buddha & the Coffee Cup
March 22, 2021

Under the moon of enlightenement the Buddha enjoys a cup of coffee.

Watercolor, graphite and Indian ink, 2021.

by Surina
You Are Under Grace
February 4, 2021

You are under grace,
you are in God’s hands

by Mukti
February 4, 2021

This song was inspired from Moojibaba reading the Ashtavakra Gita chapter on Awareness.

by Sadhu Om
Dance of Life
February 4, 2021

Watercolor painting, part of a collection called “Illustrations from Sahaja Joy”

by Sky
It Was You All Along
February 4, 2021

I lived my life in ignorance and pride
For lives.
Hanging on each dream,
Falling for each story,
Eager and happy to take birth again and again
Just to finally meet You

by Prama
Portraits of Ganesh
February 4, 2021

For unknown reasons, I have always loved Ganesh. It brings great joy to me to follow the brush which paints him over and again.

by Nirmayi
Flowering Awareness
February 3, 2021

Watercolour painting of Lord Buddha

by Nitya
February 3, 2021

"Zero" is a song inspired by Mooji’s pointings, the Holy mountain Arunachala and the recognition that wherever we find ourselves, the Guru is in our own Heart.

by Risha
Who Knows the Sweetness
February 2, 2021

Who knows the Sweetness
of abandoning Oneself
at the feet of the Supreme?

by Narayani
I Am Consciousness Dancing
January 1, 2021

"I am Consciousness dancing inside my infinite stillness"

Painted with acrylic paint and varnish on plywood.

by Rose