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The Real Unknown
August 12, 2021

'The Real Unknown' is a light, fun rap rewrite of 'The Next Episode' by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Inspired by Moojibaba’s enjoyment of the background music and beat from the original song, 'The Real Unknown' riffs playfully on daily life in Monte Sahaja, while also reflecting the power and potency of self-inquiry to reveal the truth of who we are.

Written and performed by Gurudas, recorded and mixed by Sadhu Om, filmed and edited by Simran and Sanoja, and featuring many from Monte Sahaja.


It’s the Guru-loving Moojibaba Team

Blessed by the grace of Gu-ru-ji

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You know who your true Self is, don’t ya Sanghaaaa
Who? Who? Who? Who?
So blaze the untrue up then (blaze it up, blaze it up)
Just blaze the ‘I’ up, Sangha
Yeah, inquire.

Simple monks, serving all, Sangha brethren we are
From Shiva T to Buddha G, eye on the north star
Facilities to AV, all teams answer that call
And when we hear the horn for Satsang, yeah we droppin it all
Build the land with no plan, God’s hand be in it all,
Dishes 3 to Office T, yeah we cleaning it all
So dance your dance, take your chance, ask your question fo’sho’
And let the master just subtract you; you stay as the unknown

Planting trees, cooking beans, no identity there,
Lighting doop, scooping poop in an answered prayer
Mind quit talkin’, quit blockin’, under inquiry’s glare
The Invitation filling nations, sangha everywhere

Out of town, put it down for the Father of thought
And if yo’ mind get chopped, that’s how it drops
Look back, as That, see it’s all on the screen
When you conceive that you’re free, then your perceiving is clean

It’s the sangha-lovin Mont Sahaja Team (Namaste, sangha brother)

You know we’re seeking for the capital T
Riding the buggies past the Triangle P
With dusty feet, shining eyes, too sweet (sweet Lord)
All the time, attention inward
Choppin thoughts with that inquiry sword
Sangha all blissed out in Lil Jay,
Ha-Fizzy coffee ice cream buffet
Phones in the ears, listenin’ to ‘sang (satsang)
YT, SE, from his tongue
Who’s looking out from behind those eyes? (whose ‘I’?)

It’s that Sahaja love, this Sahaja thug got a sangha from above
We’re all one, just trying to reverse the glove
With my crocs on, and my thoughts gone,
Playing sat-songs, and some ping pong,
Then remembering we’re here for satsang,
Look it’s here, it’s the knowing of known,
Known unreal, it’s the Real Unknown

Hold up, Jaiiiiiiiii
To all the masters who tell us who we are
We gon’ praaaaaay
To inner master, come depose the false czar
Hold up, Jaiiiii
To Moojibaba in Sahaja alone,
Take a seat
Hope you’re ready for the Real Unknown
Master take me all the way

About Gurudas

Gurudas is part of the Media & Communications team at Monte Sahaja. Originally from New York City / New Haven where he was involved in the tech startup world, he met Moojibaba in 2015 and immediately felt the longing and call to the Truth. Since coming to Monte Sahaja, he has experienced a flourishing of creative energy through Guruji's grace, including storytelling, writing, rapping, and other musical adventures. It is his great joy to be in service to Guruji, the Sangha, and the Truth, and to vanish into this great silence.

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