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Only Light
April 16, 2021

This song is a simple and joyful expression about meeting our beloved Moojibaba in the heart, and a prayer for all beings.


Playing in a major key’s
Got me feeling free
Notes dropping through the keys
Splashing up beats
Making rhymes
Taking time to give thanks
I am nothing without the love
From the Father up above

Hands together, head down, heart open
Breathe in
Words of gratitude sprout
Breathe out
Old attitudes and doubt
Thoughts shift shape
Float by
Try to get my attention
Wanna give me tension
But I see the tricks
Nothing sticks
So I kick back
Losing track of time
Feeling bliss

I wasn’t always like this
Life was a joke
Cigarette smoke filled the air
Not a care, nothing to lose
Sipping booze, chalking cues
Playing pool
Classic rock on the jukebox

Tick tock went the clock
On my younger days
In 2012
I came out of my haze
Took stock
Talents freely given
Driven down the drain
I didn’t have it my power to change

Picked up and dusted off
Showered by Grace
I was sent on my way
To try find my true place
Casting hope in the dark
Felt flint spark fleeting hints
Like shooting stars
Caught a glimpse
Of the Divine
Loosened my grip
Opened my hands
Found nothing but thin air

Confused and frustrated but unabated
When it was time to come of age
I met a sage
With a quiet mind
I gazed into mystic eyes
The wise man said
Throw the story in the fire
Let what comes come
Let what goes go
Observe as the river flows
Marinate in the this place
Watch as the waves of mind
Try to put your life in rewind
Just be
And live happily
In the house built from stones
Thrown by those
Who wear life
Like a rain soaked cloak

I hope in 2020 20/20 vision is given
To see no division
Our vision
Be sharp like a knife
Carving out darkness
Shining only light

Praising angels in human form
Guiding us through the storms
Sliding down slippery slopes
I hope we cope with kindness
I pray that we more in tune
Listening to the clues
Whispered through the leaves
Messages of peace
Release inhibitions
Dancing in the rain
Washing away our pain
Giving life to seeds that bloom
Into the perfume of love

Please God
Redirect my eyes
From desires of my ego
As we go let us be soothed
In cool waters
Swim deep
In the ocean of your love
Sweep aside hate
Let us be wise and rise
Through the gates of higher states
Let us be bold
To let go of control
And turn troubles into gold

Father of the Universe
As we disperse
May we look inside
Leave aside
Lies of the mind
May the Divine
Inspire release into
Permanent peace
Guide us into the true
Home of our hearts
Every moment imbued
With a new start

About Tim

An outpouring of creative expression has coincided with deepening in satsang, and has surfaced in unexpected ways! Thank you Moojibaba. Thank you Sangha. Much love.

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