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Sahaja Love
May 25, 2021

This song was spontaneously created with beloved friends, in the full spirit of love, during a stay in Monte Sahaja. Inspired by the gratitude and appreciation to the Lord Supreme and His creation.

Featured in the song are:
Omraj - Guitar & Vocals
Deva Priya - Vocals
Santosh - Cajon


Where your Holy feet step
There the garden will grow
This is magical land
In this temple I bow
Here beloved trees grow
Always watered with Love
It's all about You all about You all about Love

Sahaja is rising
This Heart burns for You
No beginnings or ends
Only being is true
May this song flow from Heart
True love can not hide
Your eyes are the mirror eyes are the mirror, mirror inside.

And all rises in Love
Merging in Grace
Shining in Truth
Sweetest embrace
Rises in Love
Drowning in Space
Vastness and Bliss vastness and Bliss
Merging in Grace

Pure compassion is Bright
It is shining within
You are all that is here
And all that has been
Ring the bell worship Lord
Who is me who is all
Let your love flow
Let your love flow
All about love

Sahaja is blooming

About Viktorija

Viktorija is part of the São Martinho das Amoreiras village Sangha; "All the sangha music that is created as a praise to God is so powerfully uplifting the Heart.".

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