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Beloved Guruji
January 18, 2022

Beloved Guruji, you’re a true OG
An Original Guru, helping me to see

Helping me to see, so I can truly be
Once and for all, timelessly free

Timelessly free, where nothing really is
No more, nor less, just pure consciousness

Just pure consciousness, from where life manifests
Allowing me to digest
The harvest, from your pointings

From your pointings, I come alive
From you pointings, I see the lie
There is no strive, there is nothing to get by

There is nothing to get by, because, who am I?
Beyond space and time, from Guruji’s heart I shine

From Guruji’s heart I shine, splendid and fine
Untouched by life, Guruji’s heart, my shrine

My shrine, is not mine, it is everywhere and beyond
Because of You, the divine

The divine, which I see in your smile, in your eyes, your movements, such grace
And still, You have no face

You have no face, You are in no place
No court, no case
But still, you give me so much faith

You give me so much faith, you set my heart on fire
Drunken in love, father come and take me higher

Father come and take me higher, beloved one
All this music you inspire, so fresh
In this temple of fire

In this temple of fire, you burn away all desire
Like the Sahaja kitchen, it is full, full power

It is full, full power, and full, full blessing
To all life that is manifesting
But still, I’m neither active or resting

Neither active or resting, just delighted in your presence
Smelling the perfume, of love, peace and happiness
From your essence

From your essence, come all life’s presents
Good or bad, happy or sad, it makes no difference

It makes no difference, no matter what life dividends
It’s all Satsang
Helping me to build, some spiritual muscles

Some spiritual muscles, for this miracle puzzle
No need to solve or evolve, just marinate

Marinating in the isness, that’s my only, only business
Trusting in God, saying thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you, You are far to kind
Dissolving this sense of an I-mind

I don’t mind mind, I’m nowhere to be found
Mind minds mind, I remain behind

I remain behind, at zero
Beyond the concept of zero, empty
That’s my hero

My hero is fearless, he chases no justice
No must do this, he just is, true, true bliss

True, true bliss, one small kiss
Body is shivering, inside burning
Energy turning, free at last

Free at last, what a blast
Too much love, too much joy, too much peace
Happiness and ease

Happiness and ease, sailing on God’s breeze
Such a sweet relief, out of reach
Far beyond belief

Far beyond belief, I welcome the thief to my empty house
Urging him to steal, whatever he can find

Whatever the thief can find, it doesn’t belong to me
I live as without any rights, no hustle or fights
Just love and light

Just love and light, being and seeing, same, same thing
Like knowing and not knowing, any single thing

The more I know, the more I know, I know nothing at all

I know nothing at all, oh, what a wisdom
I do nothing at all, oh, what a freedom

Oh, what a freedom you have given me
Through your invitation, it is revealed
Here and now, it can never be concealed

About Alok

By God's grace I feel so blessed to be able to be in Satsang with Mooji and to have spent some periods in Monte Sahaja. My heart is full of love and gratitude for Guruji, Sahaja, and the whole Sangha. Life is really Satsang. Thank you!

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