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Callings of the Heart
August 13, 2021

The gratitude and reverence for the Master overflowing and expressed through writings and poetry.


This lie has always been true,
All you had to do is look through.
The person is not real - this is the clue,
You only discover what you always knew.
One beyond oneness, never two…
Looking out there while Reality is you!
Leave the comfort that you’re used to,
The true Self you cannot devalue.
Who is the mind speaking to?
This question you can look into,
Until you come to a breakthrough…
And recognise Life is your Guru.
To live as Truth is not a fresh view,
Neither is a God whom you look up to,
Or a new stage to pass through.
It is what it is, before “me” and “you”,
Nothing more to say or to do,
What is here always - This alone is True.


Find a quiet space and be still,
Notice, doing nothing yet you’re here.
This silence swallows your fear,
Only that remains which is always Real.
Rest and keep quiet until is clear,
Each thought and feeling passes - it’s unreal.
Nothing apart from you truly exists,
Answer the call, don’t resist.
In your power the lie cannot persist,
Recognise - everything is a gift.
Of this don’t be merely convinced,
God alone is. Indeed, so it is.


Not expecting anything from this world,
What I am is beyond - cannot be told.
Allowing life on its own to unfold,
Here and now nothing is controlled.
The Supreme manifesting as many,
Like waves - on the surface of the sea.
Nothing exists apart from Thee,
This is the one true Reality.


Your divine kiss is burning me away,
Right now, take me all the way.
I swim in Bethesda every day,
“Don’t lose focus, look!” they say.
All this truly is your dream,
Carried away by the same stream,
In search for the One Supreme,
Looking for rest and eternal redeem.
But when the Masters words strike within,
He takes away all pain and sin.
“Forget about the discipline,
You vanish and instantly see Him!”
Discovering this leaves no doubt,
The seeds of your Grace began to sprout.
No seeker left to run about,
The Lord lives here, within and without!


Empty your bucket of tears for this world,
Blossom - you are a flower of the Lord!
Come out of your shell of comfort,
Reveal your wings - it will not hurt!
These walls are only imagined separation,
Mind took the role of a playful deception!
Darkness is seen when eyes are closed,
In Your Light all things can be exposed!
Let me fall completely to the ground,
In You, as You, in Love I am drowned!


Oh White Fire,
Reveal any untrue seeds of identity
So all that shines here is your Beauty.
Let me fall completely at your feet
So I may never rise again as incomplete.
Swallow what sprouts still from ego,
Dispel all with your divine arrow.
Allow a true meeting to take place
Beyond unity - a formless embrace.
May I not exist as separate,
Reality is One, for seeker or prophet.
What is dream and who is the dreamer?
When You alone are, the giver and receiver.
Let all these words end in your Silence,
May You be my one and only reliance.
In this I rejoice again and again,
So be it.


An explosion of prayer inside -
Lord, for centuries I have cried,
Searching amongst the perishable,
Fighting to win a never-ending battle.
Now You have called and I listen,
Father, what Grace have I’ve been given!
You filled this house with spirit, pure bliss
After only one breeze of your divine kiss.
Where to follow, what to do?
When all that I see now is only You.
The shower of your love is overflowing,
Grace has eternally captured this Being.

About Melinda

Lover of God with total devotion and surrender to Guruji, to Self. Blessed to have come to recognise the Real in this life through Guruji's guidance and unsparing light. Each moment lived in dedication and honour of this and the writings come as an expression of gratitude, sprouting from his everlasting Presence within my heart.

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