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April 8, 2021

On discovering I've been pretending to be an arrogant ass … such sillyness! The joy of realising that 'me' is not me, after all.


I was an arrogant ass
and Life beat me with blows
until I bowed my head

and then it fed
all the sweet grass,
the sweetest!

in existence;
more than a poor ass
could eat!


I didn't know I was an ass,

I thought I was right
and righteous
that I was making a better world
and a better me

but really I was filled with
noise and foolishness
hot air, and empty promises,
wild emotions, and habits
that I just couldn't put down

It was a trial to be me
and be around me,
surrounded by donkeys
as a donkey



Now there is no storm
even when it's thundering

Now the heart is home
and existence is a blessing

Now everything turns upside-down
and inside-out

and all the truths are lies
and all the lies are gifts
in disguise

and all the world is gone
but here, more here
than ever!

and all the world is song
just a'singing
in perfect-key

and all that's 'me' unravels
I'm dead, yet finally living!

There's nothing left to do,
nothing undone
and so I'm done for

and it's ecstacy
beyond all concepts
beyond all precepts;
I can't forget

I'm not that donkey!


Oh, lucky donkey!
It's so glorious to be
this lucky lucky

I was knocked on my ass
and that's just what was needed
for this ass of a 'me'.

May all asses
be knocked ass-about
as many times as needbe

so that they too know our blessedness!
Crazy grace indeed!


About Sair Gryphon

I live in Melbourne Australia watching an ordinary (yet extraordinary) life unfold, through the various seasons. Often I write poetry, and sometimes lyrics or fanfiction or articles, because writing fills my heart.

Mooji is my master and my Self. I'm SO grateful to have met him and all of you. I never knew what Love is until I witnessed it alive in and through Mooji's expression. What a fool I've been, and how glorious it is to watch that fool dissolve! Laughter shakes me open.

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