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Sangha Vibe
November 8, 2021

Spontaneous utterances that reflect the strength, wisdom and potency of a true Sangha.

Sangha Vibe

Called out by life
in all of its forms
a family is recognized
transcending all norms
awaking whats dormant
and serving each other
every sister and brother
to stay as we are
leave every effort aside
and remain the unchanging
like the bright polar star
overcoming even likeness
shining bright as the lightness
of the manifest play
that is free from identity

it is seen through that play
that only He is the player
in all of the forms
miming layer by layer
He is working it out
leaving the Self unaffected
beyond every storm
it is his love no doubt
that directs and detects
that reflects and connects
what is seemingly parted
still of one source
whole hearted
without even a chance
of ever not being one
it is truly to be shared
that all of us shall overcome

it is done in the play
pointing straight to its source
and whatever unfolds
serves the same holy cause
but ultimately we have to
give it up without effort
so that everything is playing
being seen with no method

About Max

A life that unfolds inseparable from the wholeness of life itself.
All thanks and praises to Moojibaba, who is the embodiment
of unconditional love, which took over this life from the seemingly real person, merging it back into its source.

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